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Calling all rhymers!!  The 41st Annual Crow’s Nest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration is here!  Entries for The Annual Limerick Contest will be accepted beginning March 1st.  Entry deadline is March 15, 2017 at NOON.

Up to 30 finalists will be selected by the Crow’s Nest for final judging by the lively crowd in the Crow’s Nest Tavern on Friday, March 17th after 9 pm.  Darryl O’Lawhorne will entertain and preside over the judging.  All day on the 17th, The Crow’s Nest will also be serving Traditional Corned Beef & Cabbage, Irish Lamb Stew and of course some ‘Irish Beverages’.

Winning limericks will receive a $100.00 Crow’s Nest Gift Certificate for 1st Place and $25.00 Crow’s Nest Gift Certificates for 2nd through 5th Place.  Official rules and entry forms are available at the Crow’s Nest or online: www.crowsnest-venice.com.  Limerick entries may be mailed to or dropped off at 1968 Tarpon Center Dr., Venice, FL  34285, faxed to 941.485.9154 or emailed to: mgreen@crowsnest-venice.com.

1968 Tarpon Center Drive | Venice, FL 34285 | 941-484-9551 | www.crowsnest-venice.com 

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Gulf shrimp is the star

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story


Shrimp ajillo is served with ciabatta and arugula.

Blue Marlin Seafood will only serve shrimp that have been caught in the Gulf of Mexico. We make a great effort to get the most coveted shrimp, the pink ones from Key West. Key West pink shrimp have always had the reputation for being the sweetest and cleanest of all the shrimp in the sea. Most of the time we have these tender crustaceans on our plates.

If the boat is late or fishing is slow, we search out the next best thing, which would be white Gulf shrimp from the northern Gulf of Mexico. There are many different species of shrimp that come from our local waters, so there are always plenty of options at the fish house.

If you have the chance to sample the Gulf rock shrimp, which are caught by a local boat from A.P. Bell, don't hesitate! These are going to remind you of the best lobster you ever had. Rock shrimp only come around a few times a year, so eat them up if you are lucky enough get your hands on a box. The boats at AP Bell also make runs to the Keys to harvest pink shrimp, so we even get to have fresh shrimp delivered to our docks.

If you spend some time and ask the right questions (like Sean Murphy said in the Feb. 1 edition of The Sun), you will have the fresh local bounty that is in our back yard. When you get back to the kitchen with your little local box of treasure, think about a simple way to compliment and enhance these gems of the sea.

It only takes a few ingredient to accomplish an exciting dish. The Spanish have always had the brilliance of using just a few really great ingredients in their dishes. Shrimp ajillo is at the top of this list of tasty creations. Garlic, lime, extra virgin olive oil, chili flakes, and, of course, those Key West pinks, are all you need.

Shrimp Ajillo


1/3 lb to 1/2 lb shrimp per person

2 or 10 cloves garlic, sliced

3 limes

Pinch of chili flakes

2 Tbs. per person of extra virgin olive oil

1/2 c. arugula

This dish is all about timing. The shrimp cook fast, and the garlic can burn easily, so this dish goes very quickly. Heat a saute pan on medium high until relatively hot. Add olive oil and garlic. The garlic should end up with a golden toast, so it takes on a nutty flavor. This is key to this dish, so don't over cook the garlic. Shortly after the garlic is added (about a minute), add the shrimp, and don't touch it until you start to smell the garlic. Toss and add chili flakes (I use a heavy hand with the chilis). As soon as you add the lime, the garlic will stop toasting,

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State street llamas trypdp

The Jimador en Llamas. And a plant. 


THIS WEEK: The Jimador en Llamas at State Street Eating House + Cocktails

THE DRINK: Mescal, cilantro and coriander syrup, green chartreuse, lime juice, egg white, habanero bitters. Do not let its gentle froth fool you; this packs all of the kicks. The menu’s tasting notes read, “Mescal + herbal + lime + spicy,” which pretty much says it all. The smoky mescal stands up to all of the herby flavors, then the tart lime, and at the end you’re left with delightfully burny lips.

THE BAR: Singlehandedly responsible for making this Main Street-adjacent road a cocktail destination, State Street has expanded into a multi-bar, multi-seating area go-to for any and all occasions.

FOOD: If you haven’t had State Street’s happy hour lobster rolls, you’re seriously missing out.

OTHER NOTABLE POTABLES: State Street’s stellar mixological reputation is well earned. Check the menu for popular staples as well as new experiments, and don’t be afraid to make requests or ask for adjustments and recommendations. 

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EPICUREAN ADVENTURE: Celebrating Chagall Exhibition & Provence

Provence Dessert

This month our culinary team is celebrating the romance, cuisine and art of the south of France and the French Rivera. When planning February's "Epicurean Adventure" theme, the Michael's culinary team derived inspiration - and even specific recipes - from the esteemed La Colombe d'Or restaurant in St. Paul de Vence, where world-renowned artists, including Chagall, would dine and display their works of art! Click here to view the complete Provence Epicurean Adventure lunch and dinner menus.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Connect with us via phone at 941-366-0007 or visit www.bestfood.com to make a Restaurant reservation, request a Catering proposal or shop for international wines online from our Wine Cellar.

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